About Us
SJ DIY PLASTIC DISTRIBUTION (M) SDN BHD is one of the largest suppliers and wholesalers of plastic packaging products in Pasir Gudang.

We supply plastic PP/PE/HM/HD, singlet bag, garbage bag, HD string bag, PP lunch box/plate/bowl/cup, plastic container, hawker paper, paper bag, eco-friendly paper lunch box/plate/bowl/cup, PET container, serviette, bamboo chopstick/skewer, plastic spoon/fork/knife, raffia string, food wrap film and etc.

We have successfully expanded its products range. Today, we are the “one stop” centre which provide hawker related products such as BESTARI crispy fried chicken coating mix, BON CHEF crispy fried chicken coating mix, ICE MOUNTAIN drinking/mineral water, MARIGOLD evaporated creamer, GOLD COIN sweetened creamer, SWISS BEAR Nachos cheese sauce, and etc.

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